Cruise excursion program Nizhny Novgorod - Sviyazhsk - Elabuga - Tchaikovsky - Perm - Tchaikovsky - Sarapul - Chistopol - Bolgar - Kazan - Cheboksary - Nizhny Novgorod from 03.08.21 to 12.08.21, Ship «Ivan Krylov»

SviyazhskIncluded in the price of cruise
ElabugaIncluded in the price of cruise
TchaikovskyIncluded in the price of cruise
Optional excursion
City guided bus tour with a stop at the architectural and ethnographical complex “Saygatka”. You will visit the house of a peasant Old Believer of the late 18th century. The log hut is unique, since its original layout and furniture have been completely preserved. Tour length -  2 hours.
Group from 25 pax: 900 rub. per person
The Guided Bus tour takes you to the heart of the city, introducing the tourists to the mercantile, literary, theatrical, and military background of the city, as well as its modern life.
Tour length -  2 hours.
Included in the price of cruise
Optional excursion
City bus tour, trip to the Kungur Ice Cave. (Travel time is about 2 hours. About 100 km from Perm. Get ready to hear the story of the Trans-Siberian Highway, learn about the beauty of the Ural region, and find out about the discovery of the Kungur Ice Cave. Total tour length -  9 hours. Please note! Don’t forget your warm clothes.
Group from 34 pax: 2800 rub. per person
Optional excursion
City bus tour to the Ethnographical Museum (Village of Khokhlovka). The outdoor museum exhibits 19 monuments of wooden architecture of the Perm region from the end of the 17th to the beginning of the 20th century). Tour length -  7 hours
Group from 21 pax: 2200 rub. per person
Optional excursion
Bus tour to Izhevsk with a visit to the military museum of Mikhail Kalashnikov. The museum has created a showroom that includes a modern firearms shooting range, a display of various samples of historical and contemporary weapons, as well as an air-gun and crossbow shooting range, equipped with the latest multimedia programs. (Please note: you are welcome to firearm shooting at an extra charge. 2 documents are required: your passport and driver's license). Izhevsk is the second weapons capital of Russia, and proud of its industrial legacy. The main attractions of Izhevsk are the main building of the Arms Factory, built over 200 years ago, beautiful and striking temples of the city, such as St. Michael's Cathedral, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Svyato-Troitskaya (Holy Trinity) Church and The Izhevsk Kremlin-Arsenal. There are also quite a few original contemporary sculptures in the city: the Monument to the Dumpling (Pelmeni), the Monument to the Crocodile and the Monument to Izhik –mascot of Izhevsk.
Tour length -  6.5-7.0 hours. Return by ship to Sarapul.
Group from 25 pax: 2800 rub. per person
Bus tour to Sarapul with a visit to the Bashenin Dacha Museum. Sarapul is one of the most beautiful old merchant cities, located on the right bank of the Kama River. Currently, the city has more than a hundred monuments of history and architecture that attract tourists and antique lovers. During the city tour "Welcome to Sarapul!” the tourists will visit its sights for a better understanding of its historical and cultural heritage, lovingly preserved by its citizens. Enjoy the panoramic views of the Kama and Transkama rivers from the Ural mountain, and see the symbol of the city - the Fire Tower.
Tour length -  2.5-3.0 hours.
Included in the price of cruise
Your choice of shore excursion packages:
2) Bus and Pedestrian Tour to Chistopol’s Historic Downtown with a stop at the city History Museum (Group Size: 20+) Tour length – 3 hours.
Included in the price of cruise
BolgarIncluded in the price of cruise
Optional excursion
KazanIncluded in the price of cruise
Optional excursion
CheboksaryIncluded in the price of cruise
Optional excursion