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Dubna — is a very charming city with well preserved historic buildings, beautiful romantic streets and boulevards. Check out the world’s tallest (37 m) statue of Vladimir Lenin, on the embankment of Moscow Canal. A monument to Joseph Stalin was installed on the opposite side of the Canal  in 1935. Only the pedestal is left since its demolition. You will be impressed by the dam on Volga river that formed the Moscow Sea, also known as Ivankovo reservoir. A 10-meter tall giant chair – a gift to the city by the company “Eco Furniture” is also worth seeing. Dubna is the only Russian city commemorated on Mendeleev’s periodic table of elements: Dubnium, the 105th element, was discovered by scientists from city.  There are quite a few monuments to famous physicists in the city, as well as monuments to the airplanes IL-2 and MIG-25, and a statue to Russian poet and singer Vladimir Vysotsky. There are many historic and newly-erected Russian Orthodox churches in Dubna. The wooden Smolenskaya Mother of God Icon Church is located in a pine forest and looks more like an ancient monk’s cell. There is a high school and icon painting school there.
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