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Using the Booking System (how to book a cruise online)

General information
You can learn more about the tour you are interested in, look through detailed information about the routes, locations and times of stops, excursion programs, fares, and ships. As a rule information about available seating is updated and available for Mosturflot cruises.
Registration and Authorization in the System
The information in the system is fully available and does not require registration. Registration is not needed if you do not intend to book the chosen trip by yourself and would like assistance from a qualified employee of our company. Registration is only offered for individual clients, and necessary when doing the following processes without assistance from our specialists: choosing the desired cruise, booking lodging, paying by bank card and receiving all the required documents needed for boarding from the comfort of your own home.
The correct and full details of the buyer (the person who pays for the trip), including identification data, must be given during registration. Please note that if changes have to be made (for example in your passenger list) in an order that has already been completed or if you need to get a refund, the buyer (the person who placed the order) will have to contact one of our company offices personally. Please make sure the identification used for booking is on hand during this process and be attentive while filling in the registration form!
After registration is completed a password will be sent to the email you have provided. This password will be required to log in to the system and book and purchase trips. To log in please enter your username (that was created during registration) and password (that you received by email when registration was completed) in the corresponding fields and press "Enter". Your username should appear on the left above the menu after you have logged in. From this moment you can start booking and have the option to check the status of your orders in your account.
Placing an Order
If you look at the table (Menu > River cruises) on the right next to each cruise you will see the “Cart” icon. If this icon is blue this means that this cruise is available for online booking (for registered users only). If this icon is white this means that your request will have to be processed by our specialists. If you press the "Cart" icon you will be redirected to the “Placing an Order” page (either online booking or sending request for booking). You can also book an order on the page with the full information of the cruise by pressing the "Book a Cabin” button (at the bottom of the page).
Online Booking
Online booking is only available for individual clients and requires registration in advance. Here you can independently book seats for your trip, choose preferable tariffs, and fill in the details of all the passengers traveling with you (including their passport information). The order can be paid immediately by bank card or in any of our company offices. Please note that you will be able to make changes only by contacting our specialists at one of our offices.
Please also note that it is impossible to book part of a cabin online (for example one bed in a double room). In this case you will have to pay for the whole room.
Please have information for all the passengers ready in advance, as the booking page will timeout after some time. The process for placing an order has five steps. During each step you can cancel the booking by pressing on the relevant icon
1. Choice of cabin(s). During this step you will need to tick the preferred cabin(s). All cabins are divided into categories: next to the cabin number you will see the maximum capacity of the cabin. If you click on the icon of the cabin you will see a detailed description. After the preferred cabin is chosen, press "Continue".
2. Tariffs. During this step you need to choose tariffs and  food package (a choice of food package is not available for some trips). The cost of each tariff is given in brackets. After this step is completed, please press "Continue".
3. Passengers. This is a list of passengers who will be on the chosen cruise. If you want to add yourself as a passenger (using your information entered during registration), press the icon with the portrait image next to the passenger's surname. If you want to delete any passenger’s information press the icon with the image of an eraser, next to the passenger's surname. Please pay careful attention while adding passenger information! After the list is complete click "Continue".
4. Additional information. Here you can mention any additional wishes and requirements you may have. After it is done please proceed with "Continue".
5. Confirmation. You will see the full information about your order, including all the main parameters that were chosen: ship name, route number, trip date, numbers and categories of cabins, tariffs, passenger list, total cost and the expiry date of your booking. Check everything carefully. If you notice any mistakes, you can go back to each step by choosing the relevant tab (at the top of the page). If everything is correct press "Book".
Congratulations, your booking is confirmed! The booking confirmation will be sent to the email address that was provided during the registration process. Now you can proceed as follows depending on your choice:
  • Pay by card BEFORE the expiry date;
  • Pay in any of our offices BEFORE the expiry date
  • Cancel the booking
Please pay attention: if you plan to pay by card and have our discount card, but the discount was not applied to the total cost of your order, please contact our specialist BEFORE making this payment. They will check your data and discount card and the discount will be applied. This will only need to be done once (while making the first order), next time your discount will be added automatically.
Please also pay attention, that if the order is not paid before the expiry date, it is cancelled automatically and your chosen cabin(s) will become available for booking again. If you are not able to pay for the order on time, please contact our specialists BEFORE the expiry date.
Booking Request
Registration is not needed if you want to send a request for booking. Here you choose the preferred category of the cabin, tariffs, number of passengers and input your contact information. The request will then be processed by our specialists who will contact you as soon as possible and offer you the options that most closely match your requirements. 
Please pay attention: Sending a booking request is not an actual booking until it is confirmed by our specialists.
Order Payment
Payment can be made at any of our offices BEFORE the expiry date of the booking. You will need the identification used during registration; no additional confirmation of the booking is required. The option to pay by card (Visa/MasterCard) is also available for individual clients. When paying for the order by bank card you will confirm that the order is being paid for legally by the cardholder personally (as shown in the field "Buyer").
After the order is paid you can print the boarding pass, Annex 1 (list of passengers, categories and number of cabins, lodging type), Annex 2 (description of the cruise route and excursion programs), and Tour Services Contract. If required you can obtain the originals of these documents at any of our offices (available for the account holder who provides identification). You will need to have the printed boarding pass and identification of each passenger that will be attending this cruise when boarding. The information on the identification of each passenger must match the information given when placing the order.
Changing an Order and Getting a Refund
If you need to make any changes to an order that has already been booked and also if you require a refund you will need to contact one of our offices. You will need to bring your identification that was used during the registration process. The refund for a payment was made by card will be returned to the card that was used to make the payment.