In 1990, the city of Kalinin was renamed to its historical name of Tver. This is the place where the merchant Afanasy Nikitin started his "Journey Across Three Seas" to Persia, India and Turkey.

Tver’s foundation year is officially accepted to be 1135 with the first mention of the fortress at the mouth of the river Tmaka near the confluence of the Volga.

Tver has always been an important administrative and political center of the Russian state, thanks to its favorable geographical position.

During World War II the city was severely damaged by shelling and bombing. In today's Tver there are not many historical buildings left, however the very few of them that remain are beautiful decorations of this wonderful city.

The Travel Palace of Catherine the Great is located near the Old Bridge on the right bank of the Volga, by the lush city park. Right by the river terminal on the left bank stands the Uspensky Cathedral (Cathedral of the Assumption), the only surviving building of the Tver Otroch Monastery destroyed during the construction of the terminal in the 1930's

There is a wonderful view from the piers of the River Terminal over the wide embankment of Stepan Rasin – an architectural monument of the 18th century.

The photo depicts St. Catherine Monastery in front of the River Terminal on the opposite bank of the river Tvertsa.

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