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Moscow (NRT) - Uglich - Yaroslavl - Kostroma - Tutaev - Koprino - Myshkin - Moscow (NRT)

from July 5 to July 10 of 2021 (6 days)
Ship «Princess Victoria»
Princess Victoria
Ship class «LUXE»
Cruise ship (Certificate of Conformity No. РОСС RU.12У073.03179 № 0003350)
This comfortable four-deck cruise ship decks (Project 301) was built in Germany and underwent a renovation in 2011. The ship has a length of 125 meters, width of 16.7 m, and depth of 2.80m and can accelerate to up to 26 km/h. The maximum capacity on board is 206 passengers and 112 crewmembers.
For passenger accommodation, 2 berth cabins are available on the boat, middle, main and lower decks. There are also cabins with a superior level of comfort, including Suite and Semi-Suite options.
The size of cabins on middle and boat decks range from 14, 5 square meters (19.3sq. m. including the balcony) to 16.7sq. m. (24.8sq. m. including the balcony), on the main deck – 12.55sq. m. All Suite cabins are 28sq. m. (38 sq. m. including the balcony), all Semi-suite cabins are 22sq. m. (31sq. m. including the balcony);
With the exception of cabins located on the lower deck, each cabin includes a double bed, shower, toilet, air conditioner, wardrobe, TV, mini-fridge, hair dryer, safe, radio, 220V socket, an onboard telephone line and room-service. Cabins on middle and boat decks also come with private balconies (except cabins No. 338 and 341).
The ship features a restaurant, bar on the sun deck, panorama bar on the boat deck, medical room, satellite television and on board TV channels, library, veranda, fitness equipment, spa and sauna, daily room service and toiletries.
To check the fees for additional services please contact the manager on duty.